Fallout 4

Before game release most players mentioned cartoonish look of the game and bad texturing not fit to post apocaliptic game where everything must be broken. Graphics looks poor by quality of other 2015 games, very similar to Skyrim, with flat non shadowed areas after certain distance. Most lights do not cast shadows and placed improperly just to lit scene, so level of realism is greatly reduced and only modders can fix that.
Fallout 4 seems don't need much changes like i did for Skyrim and not looks that bad. But still require lot of work for polishing various aspects, as some of you know i ignored GTA 5 modding, because users where satisfied with visuals, but they are unable to make photorealistic look by using only modding tools and tweaking weather properties. Skyrim players right after game release also agressively reacted regarding ENBSeries and believed in artistic atmosphere of vanilla game as the only one good. And where they are now? Almost all screenshots and videos are made with ENBSeries.

Many software types have compatibility issues with the mod because they hook in to game process or graphics, so make sure you do not run anything like that. This includes Steam overlay, EVGA, Afterburner, Avast antivirus, EMET, D3D Overrider, Razer and Logitek utils.

Some versions are just patches without any changes to graphics, but in config files you may toggle patches too.
Included default preset is not configured, download customized from other sites like Nexus or from the forum.

v0.283 ENBoost only