download ENBSeries v0.075s for GTA San Andreas

Warning! This is the test version based on 0.075, it fixes SAMP, nothing more. And it's older than 0.075c v0.075: Added new parameters and effect Depth Of Field. Fixed artifacts of previous versions. By default allmost everything set to maximal quality for GeForce8800, be careful.
v0.074h10: Fixed artifact of hiding effects with modified particles installed (fire, nitro).
v0.074h9: Changed method of copying textures, now car tuning works fast. May be for other artifacts this will be solution.
v0.074h8: Fixed some bugs that makes game crashes after long play, perhaps some graphic artefacts from these also, check out.
v0.074h7: This is test of brightness adaptation completely in hardware, and as result is less CPU dependent and faster code. Performance of shadows also increased. Only few parameters added related to cars lighting.
v0.074g: Activated per pixel car lighting, but without optimizations and works only with shaders 3_0. To control lighting use keyboard keys 5 and 6 together with PageUp and PageDown, increasing or decreasing SpecularPower and SpecularLevel. Currently these parameters are global for all cars. Additional new parameters are UseForAlphaTest(0,1) and UseForAlphaBlend(0,1) in [SSAO] category, they helps to elliminate ambient occlusion artifacts with some plant mods installed.
v0.074f: Works correctly with non-fullscreen viewports, motion blur vectors are not limited any more, added new parameter ShadowBlurRange to control bluriness of shadows, FadeDistance to control ambient occlusion distance, UseEnvBump to deform reflections on cars and two additional parameters for this bump deformations.
v0.074e: Added new parameter UsePaletteTexture, now you can change color correction by custom bitmap image.
v0.074d: Activated preset OcclusionQuality for high-end videocards. Added DepthBias parameter.
v0.074c: This recompilation based on version 0.074b, solve some bugs and activates disabled previously functionality. Motion blur effect still works incorrect, but i decide to let it be, later may be i find out what is wrong. SSAO now have several parameters, also allow to use ambient occlusion only without indirect lightning for better performance. SSAO now activated for AlternativeDepth=0. Some problems with dissapearing and flickering of SSAO and soft shadows now solved. Added shadows filtering.