download ENBSeries v0.074f for GTA Vice City - GTA3

Warning! This version requires DX8 to DX9 convertor to run (included in this archieve).
Effects for water and shadows not implemented in this version.
v0.074f: version works correctly with non-fullscreen viewports, motion blur vectors are not limited any more, added new parameter ShadowBlurRange to control bluriness of shadows, FadeDistance to control ambient occlusion distance, UseEnvBump to deform reflections on cars and two additional parameters for this bump deformations. For version 0.074e: Added new parameter UsePaletteTexture, now you can change color correction by custom bitmap image.
v0.074d: Activated preset OcclusionQuality for high-end videocards. Added DepthBias parameter.
v0.074c: This recompilation based on version 0.074b, solve some bugs and activates disabled previously functionality. Motion blur effect still works incorrect, but i decide to let it be, later may be i find out what is wrong. SSAO now have several parameters, also allow to use ambient occlusion only without indirect lightning for better performance. SSAO now activated for AlternativeDepth=0. Some problems with dissapearing and flickering of SSAO and soft shadows now solved. Added shadows filtering.